Star for a Night

charity fashion shows

How to contact us

If you wish to find out more about Star for a Night, or if you wish to receive a copy of our brochure please contact:

Pip Hancock

~ Star for a Night ~

Call: 07810 273 924

We look forward to hearing from you.

Pip Hancock

The original Idea came from Pip whose family history has been in textiles in the Northwest of England. She has been in the fashion industry all her life, starting with a career in modelling when her family were young. Running alongside this she also became involved with many different charities. When her children grew up she put both the fashion and the charities together and created Star for a Night. Pip trains the models to sashay their way down the catwalk, and with Jonathan she selects the collections that everybody wears.

Jonathan used to run the day to day administration and the creative side of the business. This entailed sourcing the clothes collections and working very closely with the designers and the fashion schools. After having managed several successful businesses he became involved with Star for a Night in order to dedicate more of his time to working with charities. His artistic talent has been refined through his lifelong love of writing and now in Star for a Night he found the vehicle for his passions for fashion and events.